CubeMap Seams on new Apple mobile devices (iPad Pro, iPhone, A12, etc)

There is a bug with IBL, CubeMap Seams on all A12 and A12X devices.
Here is a project that replicates an issue:

How it looks (wrong):

How it should look:

Indeed I believe we have the same issue with the new iPad Pro 10.

It is creating facetted glitch on the surfaces

Wow, your project looks very cool !
Where can I play with it ?

There was a PR made and merged:

But seems like it is not yet released as a build, so changes are not live.
If you need to publish your project with that fix, you can slightly modify your engine when released to include the fix from PR.

Sorry we unfortunately cannot share this. It is currently used privately by Mercedes Dealers in Asia.

Thanks for you reply, could you let us know when the Playcanvas engine will integrate this fix in public release? Many thx

Just keep an eye on github releases:
And in Editor/Launcher when your engine version is changed to the new one, so you will know.