Crowdfunding info

Hello, i was looking some more info about crowdfunding you have some service you have tryed to reccomend? Did any of you know Not sure how all that works so any tips would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: does look interesting as it allows backers to buy ‘shares’ into companies.

Kickstarter only has a all or nothing approach in funding while IndieGoGo allows for partial.

So @yaustar if you would choice? what will you pick up?

As a developer, honestly I don’t think crowdfiunding is the way to go TBH. It takes a lot of effort and time away from development to maintain communication with the backers.

I see…what kind of route will you suggest?

I would work out what finance model is for the project, target revenue, on going costs and the number of users/sales you will need to make a profit.

The way you approach a one-off ‘packaged’ goods title is different to something that is F2P/subscription model.

Before even thinking of funding, do you know players like and would want to play the game?

i see your points…will give it a deep analisys :slight_smile: thanks

Just did a little research. Maby I’m a bit to suspicious but for me it looks like You ask your friends and family for some money and the crowdfunding platform get 3-5% of the sum. Seams thats not likly complete stranger give you anything. Hope that I’m wrong and would love to here any expeience :slight_smile: merry merry chrismas