Crop or clip image or element group for UI

Hi guys,

Cropping or clipping images is possible on PlayCanvas? I couldn’t see useful component feature to achieve this issue. The only thing that i can see is rect that feature on image but i can’t do my own things only with that feature. Is there any feature or code to clip an element group easily? Or can we achieve this thing with manuplating canvas?

I don’t want to put extra HTML element on to playcanvas scene, it doesn’t seem properly way to do this kind of stuff. But PlayCanvas doesn’t let me to do that. I think, UI part still needs lots of improvements.

Do you mean masking part of an Element? That is not possible at the moment but it might be possible if you use the stencil buffer. @Mr_F would know more about how to use that though.

Yeah, i need to mask part of an 2D element.