Creating annotations

Hi I’m trying to create a product demo where the product has annotations. Below is an example. Any ideas on where to start would be helpful.


We have a sample of an orbit camera with hotspots here:

And also we have some UI features in the works which is very close to completion and would be useful for the text.

In the meantime, you can use HTML and world to screen projection to position the HTML elements on screen.

Another example is the BMW configurator where the white diamond hotspots are HTML elements repositioned at runtime:

You might be interested to check out this project:

Hi Will and Steven,

Thank you for your replies - the links that you sent were what I was looking for.

How would I go about finding a freelance coder? I’m a freelance artist and need a quote for the coding part of a project that I’m working on. The project would looks something like this:


I would recommend posting something in the Jobs section. Also, you could try chatting to @bjorn.syse who seems to be making similar content.