Creating a Blurred Light Effect

Is it possible to make this type of effect? I tried playing around with Directional, Spot, and Point but wasn’t able to recreate this.

Hi @Krish_USCan,

If you are talking about the blurring the light source, usually you will need a model with an emissive material for the lamp and apply some type of bloom to achieve the blur.

Check the post effects example on the engine repo:

Though that can be complex to setup and also quite performance heavy.

Another common trick is to use a billboard, a camera oriented sprite that includes a halo image. Here is a tutorial for that:

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Thanks! This seems like what I need. Will get back to you if any difficulties

Hi @Leonidas

After playing around with the Halos effect, I was getting this as the result which isn’t exactly what I am trying to achieve. Am I doing something wrong?