Create "login" screen and save user data


So as you can see in the code snippet that you pasted, he is only getting the item, so reading it.

To create it, you’d have to do this:

localStorage.setItem('your-item-name', value);

then you can just read it like this:

var savedItem = localStorage.getItem('your-item-name');


Yep :wink:. Just found that line, didn’t scroll down far enough.

EDIT: I think the other part of my problem is I’m not live tracking the values I want in the scene, I’m using console to track them, so every time I refresh the game the values set back to 0 when I try to see them.


i would definitely recommend using local storage its way better then cookies i have a function that u could use that might help
if u want it has all the local storage functions that i know of and a lot of tips too
one more thing id recommend your storage variable names to be very unique as they will be overwritten on other programs with the same keys i normally use