Create complex animations

Hi guys!

I am trying to create an animation for a 3D object, the question is:
Can I create one as a Unity animator? With the tools you have to move the parts separately and with a timeline?


Hi @Aramg0d,

Sadly no, I don’t think you can use the Unity animation to do that. Unless it exports to a properly animated FBX file which you can import to PlayCanvas.

You will have to use modelling software to prepare your models and animations for that.

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Hi @Leonidas thanks for answering, I mean if in playcanvas there is something like what Unity does to animate objects. I already have my 3D object, separated into parts and I want to animate it.

Do you know any alternative within the PlayCanvas engine? other than with code since I think it would take me a long time to use for example TweenJS.

There’s unfortunately nothing ready made. I was looking on a personal project at integrating into a project but haven’t made a start yet

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