Copying Scripts without being instances?

I´m currently working on a game that includes objects moving on an conveyoer belt. I created some kind of path system where objects move from one element to the next. I want to spawn different objects via code that move on that. But it seems if a new object is created, they´re all clustered in one point. So my question is how can I clone a script without being an instance of the source script. Or do I have to work with arrays within that one script?


This sounds like a bug in the way you clone and position entities. Is it possible to share a link to your project? You can PM me the link if it’s private.

Have you seen this tutorial about creating entities programmatically?

Hard to know the problem without seeing the script. But maybe you’re not adding the entity to a hierarchy?

Yes, I used this tutorial to creat the spawn function. My code is similiar except i use this part to attach the script. entity.addComponent(“script”); entity.script.create(“moving” {attributes: {speed: 1 }});