Converting JSON assets to animation assets

Hey All!

I’ve been attempting to write out my own animation files matching the JSON format of imported animations. I am able to import those files as JSON assets, and through some editor calls and a process similar to this I am able to convert those assets to a usable animation type. This allows me to hook up these assets to animation components and preview the animations in the editor. However, these changes only seem to be applied to my local files, and do not persist through a refresh or an export. I am unable to get them to save as animation assets.

I have attempted a few ways of trying to create new animation assets or trying to change the asset type through editor calls, but none of those changes seem to get saved to the assets on the server. Are there any other ways to create an animation asset in the editor? Or convert a JSON asset to an animation asset? And, is it a hard limitation that the asset server only recognizes animation assets that have been generated from a source file asset?