Converting Html Site into Project on PlayCanvas


I’ve been working on this project which is supposed to be like another site, here: How do I convert the code from this site to a PLayCanvas Project. Do I have to recreate it by scratch.

Here’s the project editor:


It’s done in flash so you would have to port it (if you have access to the source code and assets) or do it from scratch if you don’t.


Well, I don’t have the assets. @EVA_DOGG has them.


yes i do :slight_smile:


Do you know how to make the html work?


It’s not HTML, it’s a flash game.


Um, well, ya. Do you know how to make it work in PlayCanvas? Cause I don’t.


If you have the original source code and assets, you port the ActionScript to JavaScript using PlayCanvas or another framework.

If you don’t, you have to create it all from scratch.