Converting a Unity3D project to PlayCanvas

This is a tutorial series on how to convert a simple Unity3D project to PlayCanvas, for beginners.

I saw the need for something like this, as I have been contracted several times to convert Unity codebases to WebGL/PlayCanvas, to support HTML 5/mobile deployment.

You can study the tutorial in progress here.

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Took some time … but 4th part is here:

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FYI, looks like the PlayCanvas team is looking at providing sprite support soon:

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Yup! Sprites, animation and texture atlases, is something i feel many people are waiting for.

It will make 2D development easier and performant. We delivered a disney app last year and using the 3D planes -> sprite approach felt quite low level programming. Ultimately put an overhead on the creative process.

Very happy with the new 2D/UI tools, looking forward in seeing them expand.

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