Continually teleporting a rigid body so that it can track something

Hey all,

I’ve been trying to make an AR game with 8th wall plugged into Playcanvas. I’m making a game where you can flick a football through some field goal posts. The football of course has to be a rigid body for this to feel organic. So right now I’ve set it up to where you flick the ball from in front of the screen to the goal posts. Problem is that when you move the camera the ball needs to track so that you can always flick the ball. Only problem is that when I do that, the ball gets insanely jittery because I’m having to teleport the ball every single frame. Can anyone think of any other way to make the rigid body track the camera? Is there a way to disable a rigid body and then re-enable it later that I could just move it’s position and animate it smoothly? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

You can use a non-rigid body entity for the aiming and when the player flicks/fires, disable the aiming ball and enable the real ball with rigidbody.

If the ball is always in a fixed position when aiming, I would also have the aiming ball it as a child of the camera.

You can also do that via rigidbody.enabled = false