Console warning: Ignoring unsupported input property to standard material: clearCoatGlossiness

In the dev console I see "78> Ignoring unsupported input property to standard material: clearCoatGlossiness" Does anyone know what this is? I noticed from the editor version control that the 78 materials where updated since a checkpoint on 15th Jan with comment “Clear Coat Gloss”. The original materials where created in the editor a couple of months ago.

@slimbuck - any thoughts on this?

Hi @Kulodo133,

We renamed the standard material property from ‘clearCoatGlossiness’ to ‘clearCoatGloss’ in order to match material naming conventions.

You can see here that we rename this property at engine load time.

I think the editor is correctly modifying the property and copying ‘clearCoatGlossiness’ into ‘clearCoatGloss’ at load time, but isn’t deleting the old property on the material, so you have both properties.

This would explain why you see the warning at load time even though the material is correct. You can safely ignore the warning for now.

Is it possible for you to share your project so I can double check? Alternatively if you can give me just the material asset ID I can check that way.


Hi @slimbuck , I’ll share later today, I’m away from computer at moment. Thanks for your explanation.

For example, the floor cubes (material called “plane”, 39449464) generate those:


@slimbuck same for bumpMapFactor in some other materials:

We get 300 of these warnings (“Ignoring unsupported input property to standard material: clearCoatGlossiness”), so how do we get rid of them? I can’t just ignore them, as I test on ios devices where they make debugging impossible.

I’m changing this warning to come up once:

and calling @slimbuck to see why this comes up, and what can be done to fix the probem.

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In the meantime you can use use non-debug versions of the engine, which does not do any debug logging, if that works for you?

Thanks. I’m trying to find the reason for a crash on some iOS devices, so I need all the debug info I can get :-). When I download the material I can see the clearCoatGlossiness values in the file. Can I somehow delete that (since it’s obsolete) and re-upload the material?

I’m not sure how this can be avoided currently, it’s a bug that we’ll investigate very shortly.
You can build an engine yourself (easy) and have that line removed perhaps?

Also, if you need more logging, there is also this that you can enable, for example to keen an eye on texture allocations or similar

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