Connectivity issues with the editor

Hi guys!

Our team have been working on a project and we have been experiencing some issues, sometimes the editor takes a really long time to load, when pressing play the loading bar takes a long time to be filled and the code editor sometimes doesn’t save changes or takes a long time for it to do it.

Is this just for us or anybody else is having this issue?

Our internet seems to be fine and we have done several bandwidth tests to discard any local network issues.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I can confirm this also - I’ve been struggling with it for a week now - it really interrupts my flow!

It’s intermittent, but definitely server-side; I’ve experienced various stalls in script saving/loading/game booting (all on on domains) on three machines across two different networks.

Is there any official comment of server status and when/if this might be fixed?

@vaios Any idea what could be the issue here?

Same here, it started a few days ago.

Saving a script takes for ever.

Also the PlayCanvas loading screen takes so long to load when debuging a game.

I get the feeling that a remote reboot happened in the last 20mins? There was a complete failure of any remote functionality for a minute or two, and now it’s all working fine, as if there was never an issue…

Can I query if this is going to become a regular issue in the mid/short term (I’m assuming that PC now has more users and is running into load issues)? As I said, it’s been pretty disruptive to my workflow, and I feel like I should maybe be investigating ‘offline’ workflows at this point

It’s down again. Apologies for using this forum for such reports, but there has to be some acknowledgement/visibility on this issue!

And now back ‘up’, but clearly running into some kind of ceiling with heavy load - script load and save is slow (more than a minute), launch is slow

(15 mins later): …And now effectively ‘locked out’ again. This fairly well describes my daily experience.

(+10 mins [13.06]) - Light speed; working as if there was never an issue

We have the same issue right now, sometimes takes a few minutes for the game to load.

The code editor takes around 30 secs to save a script.

At times it seems to be behaving normally but after a few reloads we noticed the connection slows down again.

Yes i am also facing extract same issue with play canvas editor. Also takes longer time to load…

Hi guys,

We are looking into these issues sorry for the inconvenience. We will post more information when we know more. Thanks for reporting these issues.


Awesome, thanks for the official response!

Today has been just fine - not a hiccup.