Connect AudioAnalyserNode

How can i connect AudioAnalyserNode at SoundSource?

@dave , you’re consulted me about this problem already, but i don’t remember how solve it.

I do it like this:

initialize: function () {
            this.context =;
   = this.entity.audiosource;
            this.anal = this.context.createAnalyser();
       = true;

        connectAnal: function() {
            if( &&{
                this.anal.fftSize = 2048;
                var bufferLength = this.anal.frequencyBinCount; 
       = new  Float32Array(bufferLength);
                console.log("analyser connected");

But is filled with -100 always.

Hi @Konstantin_Timoshenk.
We are right now finalising new Audio API, that will make it way easier to deal with nodes, just bear with us, and in upcoming week/or few you’ll get few tutorials to do exactly what you are trying to do.

Check out today’s new release!

In particular see:

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