Compressing textures

hey everyone,
soo i want to compress my textures but I am not sure into which format (ETC2, ETC1, PVR,DXT) its a crossplatform project so should work on both mobile and laptop


Hi @linelineline,

You can freely tick all options, Playcanvas will load only the required file on runtime depending on the platform it is executing each time.

    DXT: Typically supported by desktop devices.
    PVR: Typically supported by iOS devices.
    ETC: Typically supported by Android devices.

Check this page for more info on texture compression:

thanks again again leonidas,
i read on the page thank you, but i am still not really sure.

lets say I have an original texture of 2.3mb jpeg Vram16 or something

then I check all boxes and they each spit out a compressed 970KB and 1.2 Vram.

what happens to the original file and what happens to the ones that the device doesnt need or will I have to delete something?

Good question, so both the original file and all of its variants (compressed files per platform) are saved and bundled with each build.

Your build will contain all of them but it will download only the required one depending on the platform running. If compressed textures aren’t supported at all then the original uncompressed file will be downloaded instead.

Playcanvas goes in great lengths to simplify this rather complex task that plagues most developers.

wow thats amazing!
thanks once more and a million!

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