Combine __start__.js __loading__.js and __game-scripts.js to a single js file

I am trying combine start.js loading.js and __game-scripts.js into a single file.
I was able to just concatenate loading.js after start.js (lets say into script.js) and got it working fine. but __game-script.js is a tricky one. What is the right way to do it?

This is what I tried,
I tried to concatenate __game-script.js with script.js and changed all the references in config.js of __game-scripts.js to script.js (I didn’t know what to change the hash for so I kept it same). then when I run the game i get undefined / null exception and get a javascript alert telling loading next scene when i click ok that repeated. (

What am doing wrong here? how can I get it working?

Note: start and loading has 2 _ at beginning and end that is getting treated as bold

PlayCanvas scripts (defined with pc.createScript) can only be loaded once the pc.Application has been created. So including __game-scripts.js before that (such as in the head element) is too early.