Colors inverting?

Hi. We’ve made a product demonstrator in webGL, using FBX models, PBR materials with textures defining diffuse, GMAO and normals. We have one of our clients getting their colors very warped or possibly inverted after a while. So the end product should and does look like this for me and most of us:

But this client’s versions, first look ok, but then after a few seconds switches to this look:

Only texture colors are affected, not the 2D HTML stuff, like the png logo top left for example. Where should we troubleshoot this? She’s on windows with Chrome aswell. Graphics card/driver performance thing?

Can you expand on this more please? Does the client do anything during these few seconds? Does it snap between colours or fade into it?

I’ve personally never seen something like this before :thinking:

Good question, I’m gonna have to ask her more in detail. it will have to wait a week or two though

Ideally, you’d share a reproducible test case. So many things could be the cause: driver bug, browser bug, PlayCanvas bug, developer bug.

Ah ah, sorry for the OT, but when I read that I imagined a developer with a bug and not a bug introduced by the developer :smile:

I’ll ask her for details about browser and OS for a start.