Collision Event (When collide with something, he goes to a diferent place)

Hi guys, I need help again.
I need a script that makes the following event: There is 2 entities (The entity 1 and the entity 2, but on my project there is a Person and a Portal), and if the entity 1 (Person) touch the entity 2 (Portal), then the entity 1 goes to a specific coordinates (Ex: Before touch the portal: x:-2, y: 8, z: 8 | After touching the portal: x:-7, y:4, z:4) But this is just an example!

Hello @DudeDay012! It sounds like you want to do the same as the topic below. I would suggest reading that topic. The topic also contains the script that you can use. Please let me know if you have any problem.

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it is made by me : )