Collision Bounds additional functionality

  1. It would be cool to have a collision offset property ( x,y,z ), to help with the positioning of the Box/Sphere/Capsule/Cylinder types ( for when the pivot of the source model can’t be adjusted ).

  2. An “Auto Size” button to enable auto-sizing of the bounds to the selected model.

Quick Example.
Select the UFO model from the PlayJam scene.

Note how the visual selection bounds show the extents of the model - this is what I’m trying to achieve with the box bounds, and this setting would be a good default result for an “Auto Size” button.

If you manually try to set the bounds, you can get the x and z to match, but the Y will always be off - due to the pivot of the UFO being at the bottom of the model rather than at the center. Try enter 3.3, 1.2 and 3.3 for X,Y,Z in the Half Extents entry fields.

In order to fix this, having the collision offset property would allow me to adjust the bounding box to be correct. A value of 0,0.4, 0 would prob be close enough.

Hopefully this explains the need for a collision offset in (1)

If we had this, then having an “Auto Size” button (2) for the bounds should automatically size the bounds to be the same size as the visual selection bounds, and auto set the offset from the model pivot to have the bounds visually look correct.

In this particular case ( the UFO model ) we can’t get the artist to adjust the pivot as we don’t have acces to source data for the free model, so a quick alternative like this would help us to work around that.

A more complicated solution would be to create a hierarchy where the parent had a collision bounds, and hace UFO parented to this, but I always prefer the simpler approach.

Would this help anyone else?

  1. We recommend solving this problem by placing the model on a child entity to the collision and updating it’s position there.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, it’s more obviously useful now we show the bounding box. This wouldn’t work unless we were able to position the collision independently of the entity though (i.e. your offset)

Also, you do have access to the source of the UFO. The asset titled: PH_ufo.fbx should be in your forked project.

Hi Dave,

Regarding 1, we’re def thinking along the same lines for a work-around ( I mentioned a similar solution in the last paragraph of my post )

For 2, the offset offered a solution to this problem ( and also was implemented by a previous IDE I used to use -

Also, you do have access to the source of the UFO. The asset titled: PH_ufo.fbx should
be in your forked project.

Cheers for the info on the source FBX of the UFO. Even with the source available, being able to offset the collision in the IDE directly can save time.

I’m posting issues as I see them if something might make it easier for a new user or quicker for an experienced user, I’m aware I’m prob posting too many - I’ll just use workarounds if possible for future issues rather than make too much noise on the forums :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about offering suggestions, it’s always useful to know where people are running into sticking points.