Collaborating on a Game

Hi. I’m new here and would like to collaborate with someone in making a game. Anyone wanna help me make a game?

Hey @_jay.2wice!

What kind of game do you want to develop?

Thanks for replying, @Sebastian. I want to create a FPS shooting game.


So i would like to make a first person shooter (FPS) i need help so maybe we can collab just go onto my games and we can collab on my (our) game

@69_420 Sure. I would like that. How soon can we start?

I would like to help

Great. I’m available Monday. Can we start then?


Text me tomorrow.

i got Super Mario characters i can modify textures for to make it like they are in a first person shooter if you need more characters in the game.

can you help me on my game i am realy struggling