Code for my Platformer game

I’m making a game I don’t have a name for it yet, and I don’t know very much code so if anyone could help that’d be cool

Hi @anon75289597 and welcome,

You can start learning Playcanvas by studying the user manual and tutorials found here:

If you would like to get other people interested in helping you with your game, share more info about it. You can get people excited and find common ground that way.


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Actually Idk what I want my game to be,I want to make a 2D platformer, but I also want to make an RPG

Just make a game you think would be fun and original to make, then make it. You can learn how to make the game along the way. Also don’t make the idea too big, make it a simple idea that you can make and then attempt to make it.

Well I’m thinking about making an RPG but I don’t know how to code it

You can ask the forums for help and you also can look at tutorials to help you learn.

Thats exactly what I’m doing right now

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Yes, I can see that.

Hi @anon75289597!

The best way to get started with PlayCanvas are the following tutorials.

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I’m not exactly new to PlayCanvas

You said you need help in scripting your game. How much JS/PlayCanvas scripting do you know? Are you familiar with all the code in the tutorials?

Not what I meant but It doesn’t matter, anyway I barley know any code which is why I said I don’t know how to code it

Watching the tutorials are supposed to give you an idea of how to code on PlayCanvas. You can also check out official tutorials to help you with learning the syntax.

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