Code Editor: Can't save files

I paused for a while with few files edited but not saved yet. The computer didn’t go to sleep.
When I focused again on the Chrome window with the code editor, at the bottom in red was written: Could not save “myfilename.js”.

On the right side, it says it’s connected, and on the console, there are no errors.
I tried to save and the red message just flashes and the document is still unsaved.

I’m able to open other files, but when I edit them and save, it says that they are saved, but the filenames are still in orange.

After the refresh, the files that were giving error on save, are still in yellow. The content is not lost, and I was able to save them.

So the refresh did resolve it, but still… a bit scaring :no_mouth:


Yeah we’re still aware that there’s something weird going on when tabs are stale for too long, it’s just hard to reproduce consistently. We are looking into it though.