[closed] Very quick coding syntax question on animation control

What is the syntax to set the animation currentTime and speed from the entity reference and the animation name? the API says these can be Get or Set but i dont know how to use these.

eg, i am looping though entities each of which has a model and an animation:
[and which are named eg name1, name2…]

var entity = this.app.root.findByName('name'+i);

entity.animation.play('animname'+i);   // that works fine

entity.animation.setcurrentTime('animname'+i, timeref);  // this is not correct, but you see what i mean..

entity.animation.setspeed('animname'+i, speedref);  // this is not correct


The currenttime and the speed are just a numeric value like this.model.animation.currentTime=0; or this.model.animation.speed=0.65;


my confusion was partly due to needing to name the animation on play (which is because each entity can have multiple animations)

but i guess currentTime and speed only apply to the one playing, therefore dont require to specify which animation it is…