Clearing browser Cache

Hi, I am hosting my playcanvas build on my server and I’m trying to avoid cache info every time I refresh the page, but I am failing to do so,
I have tried adding meta tags to index.html by taking references from other forums but I’m not succeeding in doing it.
Is there something that I can do in playcanvas, or is there something that you guys can suggest me to overcome this problem

Hello @Ashish_Rana1 :wave:

Well my solution may not be robust but I am trying to help.

If you are doing testing on server by replacing build content from same folder.

  • You can press Ctrl+Shift+R to load fresh content.
  • Or you can create subfolders that may help to load fresh content every time.

But if you are hosted at same place…

  • Try adding timestamp parameter where it will redownload the asset again. But you may need to use advance trick to check for image asset.
  • If you have php server you can do this <script src="test.js?random=<?php echo filemtime('test.js'); ?>"></script>

Take a look at stackoverflow as well…