Chrome Experimental Keeps Throwing out to Steam Environment

Since beginning development in webVR on PlayCanvas I have been frustrated by how often you get kicked out back to the steam environment even though the browser is still running the app. I thought perhaps I was the only one but lately I have been hearing of other developers encountering exactly the same issue. Everytime it happens I can sometimes simply open up a new tab and launch the app again but most of the time I have to restart the browser. I never seem to get any console errors or clues as to what causes it.

Now that more and more people are developing in webVR I am seeing it happen when I try their apps as well. It doesn’t appear to be machine related as I have access to multiple machines with Vives attached.

Are there other Vive PlayCanvas developers/users out there also getting regularly kicked out to the steam environment? and have you found out what’s causing it?

Also does this happen to Rift developers/users?

Chrome Experimental is experimental, and will contain untested and unstable code. So it is expected to misbehave, crash and not even tell you about it.

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On the bright side, Firefox has just deployed WebVR 1.0 into Nightly so you now have two browsers to choose from to do WebVR development.

And I believe Google have already announced WebVR will hit Chrome Stable before the end of the year (although I’ll be darned if I can find where I read that). It’ll be for Chrome for Android first though.

Hi Max,
That’s a fair comment but when I compare PlayCanvas apps to something like the Sketchfab website. I find that while previously Sketchfab lost the HMD just as often as PlayCanvas it now crashes much less (in fact lately SketchFab has not been losing the HMD at all) so it makes me think that perhaps the guys at SketchFab have found someway of working around the issue.

Perhaps it’s just a matter of waiting until the main Chrome branch supports the vive which I believe is October and then seeing if the problem remains in PlayCanvas or it disappears.

I can wait :slight_smile:

Reason why Sketchfab is less crashy might be completely down to differences between our engines/code and that chrome improved some bits but not the others. While sketchfab and playcanvas code could have stayed the same.

On our end we do not need to find workarounds to webgl platforms that do not comply with tests and stability, unless it is a major bit of audience. In this case, it is Experimental branch of a specific browser vendor. It is meant to be unstable. And we can’t do anything on our end, as issues comes from their internals.