Chrome 79 WebXR

Hello Playcanvas team,

are you supporting the new WebXR API in the near future? Can you give a specific


I imagine since WebXR is intended to replace the older WebVR API PlayCanvas will keep up when the time comes (cross browser support).

@will might be able to shed more light on this.

Correct, the new WebXR API will completely replace the WebVR API in Chrome 79. The Chrome Beta 79 is already out, and the final version will be released on December 10.

Other browsers (eg. Oculus Browser) will follow shortly.

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I can’t give you an ETA on this right at this moment. But we are aware this in an important feature for the community. As soon as we have a better picture of when we can implement this, I’ll update this thread. Stay tuned.

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Hi Guys, and Happy New Year and a great decade…!!!

Also, I just want to check in on the state of WebXR support for Playcanvas. @will, do you have an update on that?