Check if user has sufficient internet connection


I have a game that runs on both mobile and keyboard connected devices and I was wondering if there was a way to determine given the size or complexity of my game if I can determine if there is a minimum internet/network connection speed needed to play.

I found this stackoverflow as a possible way to measure a players internet speed.

Ideally, I would like to notify the player if their download speed is currently adequate or not for playing the game.

I use my game as part of my scientific research so when we recruit people to play as part of a study we don’t want them to get frustrated or abandon playing because of an issue we could possible mitigate.


Unfortunately the only I know of is to do what is mentioned in that link. Downloading a file that is hosted on the same server as you game and timing how long it takes.

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Thanks @yaustar

Quick follow-up. Is there a way to look at my playcanvas build and determine what strength of internet connection a person would need to play?

No, I’m not even sure how it be evaluated from the build alone. For example, a realtime multiplayer game would need a low ping where a single player game it’s much less of a factor.

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Sorry, I meant to say to load the game, not play. Sometimes I receive comments from participants that they get stalled at the load screen. I experience this if I try to play the game over a weak cellular network connection.

How big is the preload of your game? If they’ve stalled completely, then they’ve either lost connection completely or something has crashed in your loading.

Have you enabled network retries (set it to 5) in your project settings?