Character creation

Hello again, is there anyone who is interested in develop a character creator?
Selecting the race, the sex, and assign attribute points? The first two selection will made the 3d model change.

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I have created the project, still blank for now, if anyone with some code knowledge want help just let me know and i will add you

When you figure out how, Ayrin, plz add the script into my project.

Character creation
Hello, here is a basic dom for character creation, still miss the 3d models and the script to change them programmatically, but i think is something basic for all the developer of rpg/mmorpg, is someone want help is welcome. (Almost forgot, the last session abilities can be changed with class if needed)

Simple way is use grouped parts of character model.

  1. 3 types of hairstyle : hairless, crew cut hairstyle, hipster - 3 models
  2. 3 types of bodystyle: fat, muscled, thin - 3 models
  3. etc.

Well i know most of games do that, but i don’t know how to make it work in playcanvas so i thought of make for start just 1 model for each race m/f and give the choice to change hair color. Also if it doesn’t change much when wearing an helmet lol But if anyone skilled want to help doing what u suggest is more than welcome :smile: