Changing the Opacity of a Material Dynamically

I want to get a fade effect, and I want to use a solid plain with a solid black material on it and then slowly turn up the opacity til it’s 100% and then bring it back to 0% when I want to fade back in!

Not even sure how to go about this.

What I conceptually want to do with the code would be as follows.

Attach a script component to the plane that has the black material to it.
Within the script control when it begins to turn up the opacity from 0 to 100.
Then when signaled go from 100 to 0.

If there is a better way I’d like to know, but again I don’t even know how to execute my concept either lol. Cheers.


Omg thank you. This is informative enough for me to mess around with. Cheers!! I’ll report later if I have a solution.

I found a tutorial that will do exactly what I’m looking for going to implement now lol

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