Change transparency color

Hello. In my game, images are dynamically loaded from the server, and in order to avoid a black background of transparency in png files, I use this code

                material.diffuseMap = texture
                material.opacityMap = texture
                material.blendType = 'alpha'
                material.alphaToCoverage = true

alphaToCoverage property is only supported by webGL2.0, so in the instagram browser, the background is black instead of transparency. I have an idea to calculate the average color and replace the black background with the average color, but I can’t understand whether it is possible to change this black background at all. Tell me how this is done.

I was getting the same issue. I don’t know whether it will be resolved using the average color value logic.
I did that by changing the blend type to alpha and changing the color channel to A instead of R and it fixed the issue without using the alphaToCoverage Property.

That’s how my material settings look:


And that’s what I do in code


Hope that helps.


Thanks. It really works. But I found such an artifact, the transparency of some elements is darkened, but I have not yet found the reason for this. I wonder if it is possible to change the black color of the opacity fill?

Can you share an example project with a test asset to look at please?

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