Change the scene with url params with the Zip version

Hey guys,

I am currently working on a project with 5 scenes, using the url parameter startScene=“name of my scene” I can load the scene I want.

But using the Zip version (the build) I can’t use this url parameter, so how can I load the scene I want with the download version?

Thank you!

You should be able to. The example project I posted before would work in a self hosted build too

Hey , with a local project it’s possible you’re sure ?

I tried but it does not work, maybe I did not put the right parameters?

Taking the example from this post: [SOLVED] Retrieve the id of an button in the build - #9 by yaustar

Hosting the build at http://localhost:9000

URLs to load other scenes via params

Damn it , im blind aha , okey thanks you.

But now i have a black screen and no errors

in the console

Unless people can look at your hosted build, there’s little advice that people can give. Could be a code issue, could be a setup, could be an issue with something else in the process of hosting, have you included all the scenes in the build?

Ok my bad , i have setup the wrong master scene, thanks