Change summaries

It’s hard to keep everyone updated with what we’re working on. Sometimes new features slip out unnoticed, sometimes people encounter important bugs and we forget to tell people we’ve fixed the problems.

So I’m going to try and post weekly or bi-weekly changelists to keep you all updated with what we’re working on. They’ll be going to the blog and the first post is here:


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This weeks changes:

Last weeks changes come in the form of the Friday Mega-Update:

Hey all,

I’ve fallen behind on updating everyone on what’s been changing, here’s a quick re-cap:

The new site

You must have noticed this! You’ve got an all new frontpage and profile page. This is about mid-way through the site roll-out. We’ll be updating project pages, documentation and lots more in the coming weeks. As always we value your feedback with this so let me know what you are liking or dis-liking about the new design.

** Project Images **
As part of the redesign we realized that having square project images would be much more flexible. Giving us the opportunity to use the images in more ways. Unfortunately, this means making changes to your data. We’ve cropped all the uploaded images to take the center portion. But you might want to take a look and re-upload a new image. For best results upload an image at least 720x720 pixels.


Some major speed improvements have been rolling on for the engine in the past week. This should give everyone a speed boost, but particulary if you have a lot of Entities in your scene.

Enabling/Disabling Entities

Hand in hand with the optimizations, we now allow you to disable Entities either from the designer or from the

Loads more stuff I’ve forgotten, but those are some important changes :slight_smile:

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Completed the site rollout

We’ve now completed the new look site rollout. Your project pages are all updated, the Code Editor looks ace and the Developer site is all new too.

Site Optimizations

The new look site isn’t just a pretty facelift. Some serious work is going on under the hood. Page request times are plummeting, in particular the assets is a lot speedier. Speed improvements are coming to all areas in the next few weeks.

Forum upgrade

Finally upgrade the forums to the latest version of Discourse. Look ing great now.

Change pitch of audio

You may have noticed that Audiosource Components now have a pitch property. Makes getting those engine noises sound good much easier.

Not much to report Engine-wise this update, but look out for more in the that departments soon.