Change exported project locally and then import it


I would like to export my project, unpack it and add to Git, then change files locally (possibly use Git branching and merging) and then import the changed code as a new project into PlayCanvas editor.

I guess I have to update the hashes.json file, but I can’t reproduce original hash values for unchanged files by using any of the common hash algorithms.

Is it possible to know how hashes are generated and be able to pack my local changes for import, or I can only re-import unchanged projects that I previous exported from web editor?



This is not possible - there might be a workaround though. You could download a build for self-hosting without ticking ‘concatenate scripts’ and then unzip that and collect all the .js files in a directory. You can have version control on that directory and then re-upload all the scripts when you’re done. However I should note that I haven’t tried re-uploading a script with the same name so you should try it on one file first and see if it all works if you want.