Change event not working for script asset

Hi there. The change event is working for html but not js. What am I doing wrong?

    // find the asset by name in the registry
    let asset ="storeInfo-test.js","script");
        console.log("couldn't not find",asset);
    asset.on('change', ()=> {console.log("asset was changed:",asset);});

Change event is never fired when the js is changed. If I use the same code with html it does fire.

Hi @noah_mizrahi,

I think .js (script) assets are treated differently, than regular assets.

What are you trying to do? Re-run a script in your launch window after it has been updated?

For that you can use hot-reload, which is already built in the Playcanvas editor. Check this:

For this purpose hot-reloading won’t work. We are using our own class structure defined in js and using a script attribute will be too cumbersome.

Ah I see, did you try the load event then?

For shaders this event I am sure will fire each time the file is updated.

For script assets I will have to check if that is the case.

I don’t think the load event runs unless the change event happens. I think I’m going to look at moving to a local build to solve some of these issues. Thank you!

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