Can't use the deer model anymore

Hello, in the new kallen i will no longer be able to use the deer model, since when i apply the animation the head became HUGE that didn’t happened in the old version so i guess something is changed in the meanwhile within the engine. Anyway i will loose some feature of the game at the moment untill i solve the problem, if someone skilled with blender can help me solve the problem is welcome.

Hi @ayrin,

If something in the engine has changed and your animation isn’t playing properly, then try posting a bug issue providing the model and/or a sample project that demonstrates the problem.

Best place for that is the engine repository:

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Is there anything in the old script that changed the scale? The scripting system changes doesn’t affect the animation/engine features.

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If i upload the model looks fine, when i apply the animation the head became HUGE, don’t know why

If you make a separate project with this model and animation, does the problem still happens? If so, can you share the project please?

:upside_down_face: no in another project it works LOL means the deer hates me, maybe coz it’s hunted in the game? :smiley:

deer and this is what happen inside the game

tried to delete and reimport the models but it’s the same, here is the test link and the game link

Created a ticket in the engine repo for this while we look into it: