Can't use spine plugin in editor

Hi, I just started to try playcanvas, there’s one problem when I wanna try 2D char in 3D scene.
I followed the github instruction to import spine 2D skeleton animation , but the last step is weird.
It says “attach files to the spine script on your Entity”, but how? I can’t drag to the script file and there’s no button in editor for me to do that.
I checked @dave’s Spine Test ( the spineboy game is not visable), it works. But still don’t know how to connect those files to a script.
Need help

Please share link to your project, it is impossible to debug something without actually debugging it.

It’s not so obviously moment, so:

You will get the “SCRIPTS” penel, afterwards

This is true for legacy, but new system deals not with files, but script types which means you type name of script in “add script” field.

Okay, I got it.

Spline plugin has an example, which shows how to attach files