Can't get my camera to position correctly even though it is on the right side of the scene

when I try to translate down my entity translates up, and when I try to translate forward it translate backwards even though my camera is on the right side of the scene rotated at 0, 0, 0


The “forwards” direction in this.entity.forwards is along the local negative z direction. The “up” direction is along the local positive y direction. It isn’t dependent on where your camera is located.

You can see these directions in the Editor. Select your entity and then select “Local Co-ordinates” (the sphere/globe icon on the toolbar). The translate gizmo will show the local axes of your entity. Up is the green arrow and forwards is the opposite direction to the blue arrow.

so my code is this.entity.translateLocal(0.1,-0.1,0.5);
the entity translates by - 0.1 instead of 0.1 on the x axes, translates 0.1 instead of -0.1 on the y axes, and translates by -0.5 instead of 0.5 in zed axes in the editor. my local axes seem to be correct but I still cant get my entity moving in the right direction.