Can't create a great AR positionment

I’ve been stuck on this project for a few days and i didn’t have found a good solution to place a model on a marker and i would like to know if someone can help me on this.

I’m actualy trying to merge two projects together to create what i want but if someone get a better idea i’ll take it !


Project link :

The more developed scene that works is ARObjectFromCamera 2

The Scene i’m working on is ARObjectFromCamera 4 (get some undefined error)

Okay so i take the project AR StarterKit with hulk image on it and make this project

I make it work well like i want but now i want to use NFT image target, the problem is when i get a project, there is either an error code or the tracking is very bad and also the positionment is not at the center.

Thanks in advance for the help !

The image tracking with that AR library can be pretty bad depending on the image.

You may have to use a different AR library like 8th Wall or Zappar to get better tracking

I already try them, the problem is that 8th wall is very expensive, and both of them are not easy to use as playcanvas, they don’t accept fbx and break most of models i import in.

I will look again Zappar in playcanvas to see if i can do something interesting, do you have an example project to start with ?

thanks for the answer btw.

Zappar have PlayCanvas project templates that they’ve made that should help: Universal AR | PlayCanvas

thanks, i find this project who seem to work very well :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll test it on my project and i will be back !
thanks again for your time :grin:

Ok so the project work well, i get here to create my zpt image target :

i need to make 2, 3 changement to adapt it to my own project but i get what i wanted ! :upside_down_face: