Can't correctly build "After The Flood" project

I’m trying to teach the playcanvas and decided to take “After The Flood project” as a basis. I made a fork of it and immediately ran into the problem that I can’t assemble it correctly so that it would build and start! I am not a programmer, so I decided to ask for help in specifying the correct sequence of actions

Hi @in_to!

What do you mean with this? Did you change something and get an error when you try to build the project?

What are you trying to achieve?

After the Flood is an old project (2016/2017) that used many private APIs for it’s shader and post processing effects. Unfortunately, the engine has changed a lot over the years and it’s no longer actively maintained.

We hope to one day find the time to bring it back to life but unfortunately the developer that created it is no longer with the team and it’s a complex project.

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Can we give a warning on the project overview page, like projects with legacy scripts?