Can't access script on referenced entity

I’m trying to condense my prize wheel project from 5 scenes down to 1, and so far it’s going well. The only thing is, I can’t get a reference to the script on the object I need. Here’s the new project, and the error I’m getting while it’s running is on line 62 of the manager.js script.
Basically I get a refernce to the “wheel” entity, which is just a container for all of the entities that change based on which tier the user wants. The problem is, I can’t seem to access the script on that entity that makes the wheel turn.

PS: I just realized I might be getting a reference to the name of the entity only. If so, how would I get a reference to the entity itself while still allowing the reference to change based on the tier?

In SpinUi2 you set name, not an entity

var wheels ='Wheels').children;
    this.currWheel = '';
    for(var i=0; i<wheels.length; i++)
            this.currWheel = wheels[i].name;

So change to:
this.currWheel = wheels[i];

Or, if you dont want to, change in Manager:

this.wheel =;

That was definitely it, thanks. Changing this.currWheel = wheels[i].name; to this.currWheel = wheels[i]; messed up the UI menu I was using to switch between the wheels, but the change in manager did the trick.