Can the following be performed in PlayCanvas runtime:

  1. Load a Startup Screen
  2. Load and transition to a Menu Screen
  3. Load the Player Profile (probably requires a login to our server)
  4. Load the Leaderboard from our server
  5. Load a Level Menu
  6. Configure the game based on Level Menu settings
  7. Load the Level
  8. Load Level Objects separately, including models, textures, shaders, audio
  9. Save Game State to our server
  10. Transition to Menu, or next Level

I just want to make sure that none of the above is impossible before continuing with PlayCanvas.


Hi there. Let me see if I can address your points here:

  • Can PlayCanvas do game menus? Sure, check out Dungeon Fury, SWOOOP or Accelerally as examples.
  • Can PlayCanvas log in to online game services (either provided by you or a third party? Sure! Again, Accelerally uses Google Play Game Services to do sign in, leaderboards and achievements. But you can also roll your own solution (maybe using Facebook’s Parse, say).
  • Can PlayCanvas do on demand loading of specific models? Kinda. You can load packs on demand. LittlePlanetBigRocket does this. Check out the loadWorld function in the game’s code. To be honest, this is a part of the engine which may change at some point. @dave may have some addtional things to say on this.

Anyway, I hope you find this helpful. :smile:

SWOOOP doesn’t start, and Accelerally doesn’t fully load. How long is the download? I waited roughly 5 minutes or so but neither worked. SWOOOP looks as if it is loading completely but nothing is displayed, only a completed progress bar. Accelerally stops roughly two thirds of the way on the load but goes no further.

If I understand you correctly, and from what I am learning thus far, I can create an Asset Pack with my startup screen, and a game manager script, mark it as my first one, and control everything from there. I just have to breakdown the components properly to match the Asset Pack structure. Is this along the lines of what you are referring to?

What about resource utilization? Instancing for example? Let’s say I have an object that will be used numerous times in the scene but have different materials. Add to that the material is used multiple times too. Does PlayCanvas provide for any optimizations for this?

Accelerally is working now. IE11, changed my settings disk space to 1024MB. However, I still can’t get SWOOOP to work.

Why send me to Accelerally? That’s pretty da#% fun and going to be a distraction :smile: Are you keeping high scores for it?

EDIT: yup, there’s a high score:

There are some asset loading issues in IE11 at the moment and SWOOOP is affected by this. We haven’t yet deduced the cause. It’s related to the audio engine - we know that much. More investigation required.

As for asset loading, I’ve leave @dave to answer that - it’s his specialist subject. :smile:

PlayCanvas Designer properly uses instances if you duplicate a model around your scene (the model isn’t ‘deep copied’). However, if you set a new material on one instance, all other instances inherit that material change. This is a bug we need to fix (although this is a known issue, I’m not sure this is in the bug database, so I’m adding it). There should be no problem with a material being referenced multiple times.

Using IE11 to develop, I added audio and ran the game from the editor and from the build and both had the same behavior.

The first time trying to the play the game it does not fully load, but subsequent runs appears to work. I can clear my cache and see the same behavior almost every time.