Can text elements in world space receive shadows?

Is there any way to give text elements in world space the capability to receive shadows?

I’ve already tried to tinker with the internal variables (mainly material and meshInstance) just to see if it seems possible at all, but once I take the emission away, the text is black - which means I can’t tint it, I guess.

You can change the receiveShadows property on the text element’s meshInstance to true. So something like this:

this.entity.element.text._meshInstance.receiveShadows = true;

The problem is that this will reset to false every time you change the text so you might have to set this to true after every text change… Relevant engine source code is here:

I am pretty sure I tried that, although it might have been together with other things and they broke each other. But isn’t the text material emissive, which means that shadows won’t work even if I enable them here? (And the material has useLighting turned off too if I remember correctly.)

You’re right and text elements use a special shader so it might not actually be possible. @dave would know more about this…