Can Scripts be organised into folders?

Can I create sub-folders in the scripts folder? At present, all scripts seem to exist solely in the asset hierachy’s /scripts/ folders.
Many thanks in advance!

Now, I tried it.
Hmm, it seems that can’t now.
Also it can’t move scripts to other Folder. :sweat:

It sounds good that scripts can be grouped logical grouping as Xcode.

Would you change the category of this topic to Feedback ?

Scripts at present time (20.04.16) are not really assets. They always been separate thing.
In new Editor we’ve decided to put them into “fake” scripts folder in assets panel, so it is more convenient. And done a bit more hacks around, to make them behave as assets, but they’re not.

But. :smile:
We are working right now on new scripts system (Scripts 2.0), that will solve and enable many new features, and scripts will real assets. So you will be able to organise them the way you want, just like other assets.
There are many other features coming with new scripts, but info on that will be coming later.


Hey Max, thanks for the feedback. I added a feedback post as @ogawa suggested : Suggestion : Please provide ability to create sub-folders in the /scripts/ folder

I had noticed the ‘s’ embellishment on the scripts folder, so they did seem to be ‘special’ :smile:

When do you expect the Scripts 2.0 system to be available?

Info on the this topic is here: [FINISHED] Scripts 2.0

Thanks Max! Oh hey, this post needs to be at least 20 characters. :heart_eyes:

You can still organize script into folders if you sync with a repo.
Script will appear this way in playcanvas “myFolder/myScript.js” but it will be organized in your source code.

Thanks @ejacquier - I set up a repo, and serve the scripts locally, and I see what you mean. It sort of works - however, within the PlayCanvas editor scripts are all still shown a single list. Once your project has more than a handful of scripts, I expect this becoming unwieldy. However Max has stated that they’re working hard on this, so it’s a known issue and I am sure they will do a great job when it’s available!