Can PlayCanvas output html work with Cesium or Google Maps

i want to know whether or not playcanvas output 3dmodel can combine witth cesium( The Platform for 3D Geospatial)cesium,just like this

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@Hiccup_You are you asking if you have a PlayCanvas scene, how can you display it on top of a 3D geospatial map? It is possible in theory to compose the two engines by rendering the PlayCanvas scene with a transparent background and then the Cesium scene behind (here’s a blog about doing this with ThreeJS but I don’t think this is a very easy way to go about it.

I think you’re better off either loading the satellite imagery/terrain directly into PlayCanvas if you’re only concerned with a local area. There’s a few services that can provide tiles for use like this. For example I believe can give you a glTF of an area so you can use that directly in PlayCanvas. also provides elevation data as a PNG heightmap (so you can use it to generate terrain like in this example

Your other option is creating your scene directly in CesiumJS. There’s some good tutorials here and resources on the Cesium forum:

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