Can not connect some times

some times i cannot connect to server but i have a good network

Hi @SUPER_ME! What do you see when you can not connect? Are you getting an error (in the console of your browser)?

no, web is working well but suddenly i will disconnect i will leave and join website some times a black page show but usually website will fix after leave and re-join

Do you mean you get a warning that the connection is lost? What is your location?

no i don’t recive any error web page .
in playcanvas home or projects buttons will work but there is not any post or my projects
some times my net is realy strong web working well but i can not open my project editor
when im opening will error dissconnect reconnect in 3…2…1
some time forum work but web not work like now!

Alright thanks for report, if you tell your location maybe the team can check the servers.

Thank you, I have hidden your post for your privacy.

@Albertos I don’t know if this is related or not but several times yesterday evening I had several time where by debug game was running in browser and then suddenly stopped and said something like not enough memory. I went back to the editor tab and it came up with the same. Then I went to the open code editor and it also had the same error. It’s possible you have my location info but if you don’t let me know and I PM you.

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