Can I use model mesh instances for tween

Can i assign a variable to a mesh instance of a model, the use tween on the mesh instance? :stuck_out_tongue: if so this would be awesome for what I’m trying to do

and what are you trying to do?

Using a gun model for my fps game, to use tween to move part of the weapon mesh, like the bolt, move it back like a real gun, so I don’t have to add an animation, just a bit of code that takes less data

you’d want your gun exported using hierarchy, the way that each moveable part is a separate entity. And then you simply move (tween or animate or drive by the script) the translation of the entities as you need.

How would i export it? Because apparently I can’t just tween the mesh instance the way it is

Maybe I can just mask a separate model over it, but that wouldn’t look good