Can I reuse a animation on a different model with the same bone names

I have several models that all have human like bone systems. I tried to use an animation for one on the other but it wouldn’t play, maybe I deleted one of the necessary bone mapping files from the fbx. Is it possible to just reuse an animation like that?

Hi @Austin_Michaud,

Yeah, normally animations that reference the same bone system will work in any model that uses it.

You need to make sure that the both names/hierarchy match between the models.

Here is how the animation asset in Playcanvas asset looks like:

If you deleted by accident something usually exporting again from your modelling app and re-importing will resolve the issue.

I re-tried to use one animation on two models and it didint work. I checked in blender and both models have the same bone names. The animation works on one model but not the other. The animations and models are from mixamo.

I’ve never had any problem using Mixamo animations with Playcanvas, on properly prepared models.

Though if it’s a bug in the Playcanvas side, I’d say try raising an issue on the engine repo including a sample project that includes the models and animations not working.

how do i share the editor url with you

does this work:

its a simple scene with a animation called hiphop dancing on two objects

Taking a look at both animation files (Hip Hop Dancing.json and Hip Hop Dancing (1).json) they both contain bones named in this pattern:

  • mixamorig1:Hips
  • mixamorig1:Spine
  • mixamorig1:Neck

The Ch45_nonPBR.json model uses the same bone names, whereas the vanguard_t_choonyung.json uses the following pattern:

  • mixamorig:Hips
  • mixamorig:Spine
  • mixamorig:Neck

So somewhere in your export/import pipeline the bone names don’t match. Blender most likely uses the bones order instead of the names to match them, but not sure about it.

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So if a similar imported model from mixamo has “mixamorig1:Hips” named bones while the original model from mixamo (with animations) has “mixamorig:Hips” named bones, how do we re-use the animations ?

I think this has to be fixed upstream, on Mixamo or in Blender or similar modelling app, before importing in PlayCanvas.


Or you can rename the bones in the scene hierarchy to match the animation

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