Can I fork halloween VR project please? / test fullscreen

want to test it on gear VR which requires it to run in browser at full screen…

so if I cant fork it could you please add the fullscreen code?
(When I open it in chrome on my android device I dont see the frame with the fullscreen button)

The Halloween VR project (I think you mean this) is a very old experiment that @dave did to test PlayCanvas with the Oculus Rift. I think it’s very out of date now. It’s highly unlikely it still works (@dave you should probably make it private to avoid confusing people).

The reason that that project can’t be forked is that it contains assets that were purchased from an online asset marketplace and therefore it is not possible to freely distribute them.

If you want to start playing with VR with PlayCanvas, I recommend the following:

I don’t think the GearVR supports WebVR yet, so you just have to do basic stereoscopic rendering as in the 360 video player project linked above.

There seems to be some talk here about Gear VR’s lack of WebVR support.

Is this not available any more?

Still seems to be working for me.

Though it is using an older Cardboard VR we need to update it to the latest WebVR code.

It’s a 403 forbidden error that I’m getting for that one

I transferred ownership of that project to the ‘playcanvas’ user:

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