Can I add other primitives to PlayCanvas

sorry, a dumb question again, could I also new primtives with this to playCanvas?

Hi @Gurki, can you elaborate what you mean when new primitives?

we’ve a box, a cylinder, a sphere a.s.o. in the editor. I want to add a pris, triangular plane and a pyramid…

There are two ways - the simplest one is to create it in a 3D modelling application and import into your scene as a model. The other option is to use the PlayCanvas Mesh API:

You can always import them to your project as fbx and use that way?

He is talking about the PCUI, so yeah you could. Create your own Web-Extension that extends the Editor. Implement PCUI and use the Editor API. i think the Editor code is not minified for that reason.

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i didn’t even know you could add extension or plug-ins to playcanvas

You can’t do that officially in the PlayCanvas editor, at the moment, there is support for that planned in the future.

But since Javascript is always running in the browser context you can easily open the browser dev tools and run your own custom code in the editor.

Check this thread for more on this: